A Message from Victor

Dear Friend,

We are at the end of the fourth week of Session! Read on to learn about bills that I have proposed, upcoming hearings, and information about the upcoming Legislative District 47 Night.

Week 4 in Annapolis...

State of the State: Governor Larry Hogan

On Wednesday February 3rd, Gov. Hogan gave his second State of the State Speech. If you missed it, click here. I look forward to working with him to promote and advance the needs of District 47 and the state of Maryland.

PG 307-16: Prince George's County Pretrial Release Program

Did you know that Maryland incarcerates more than 20,000 offenders which results in taxpayers spending $1.3 billion in corrections annually? This bill, presented in Prince George's County Delegation, seeks to establish a pretrial release program or an alternative, cost-effective way to reduce financial impact to the court and the community by providing eligible criminal offenders with these alternatives. This will hold offenders accountable, protect public safety, and work to reduce the recidivism rate, or the amount of released felons returning to prison for relapsing into past criminal behaviors. This bill will be heard in Prince George's County Delegation on Monday February 8th at 6pm.

Senate Bill 53/House Bill 563: Vehicle Laws - Obstruction Hanging from Rearview Mirror

I have proposed legislation that would alter the violation of having an object, material, or obstruction on one's rear view mirror to a secondary offense. The Senate has voted favorably on this bill. It will be heard in Environment and Transportation Committee in the House of Delegates on Thursday February 18th at 1pm.


New Voting System Demonstrations

Are you ready for the Primary? Mark your calendars to receive a demonstration on our new voting system!

When: Monday February 15th @ 7PM
Where: Rolling Crest Community Center, 6120 Sargent Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782

District 47 Night

What’s better than a night out in Annapolis? Join our District 47 Legislative Night in Annapolis on Monday, March 21st; we’ve got your dinner plans and civic duty covered! Join your friends and neighbors from District 47 in Annapolis. Feel free to ask your elected officials about the local and state issues that you care about. Best of all, enjoy good food and great conversation with us.


Do you know a high school senior or a college student from our community that is enrolled full time in a Maryland institute of higher education? Let them know they may be eligible for a Maryland State Senatorial Scholarship. The student must be a District 47 resident and attend or expect to attend a college or university in Maryland in the fall of 2016. Scholarships can be used for either undergraduate or graduate study. Access the application and instructions here.

The application and all supporting documents are due on April 28, 2016. So let’s get those applications completed! Good luck!

Stay Connected with me!

As always, feel free to contact me by
Phone: (301) 858-3745 or
Email: Victor.Ramirez@senate.state.md.us
for any assistance or to voice your opinion on any matter before the Senate. I look forward to hearing from you as we advance the priorities of our community.


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Know Your District
Maryland adopted new State Legislative districts on February 24, 2012 based on the changes in population reported in the 2010 U.S. Census and in accordance with Maryland’s “No Representation Without Population Act” of 2010. As a result, State Legislative District 47 was split into 47A and 47B. Here is 47A and 47B.

To learn more visit the Maryland Redistricting website.